What is it about balloons? I’m a grown woman and a mom of two littles, and I still get excited to see giant bunches of balloons. They scream fun and innocence, and they bring back a joyful, childlike spirit from my youth.  The bigger the balloon (or bunch of balloons) the better. I’m going to share the best giant Disney balloons and where to buy them.  Now you can share my love for giant Disney balloons, too!

Giant Character Balloons

I have a thing about giant balloons.  Each year for my kids’ birthdays I try to outdo myself and get even bigger balloons.  I’ve bought quite a few of these giant Disney balloons in a variety of characters, and I’ve never been let down! And for how enormous these balloons are, they’re not too expensive.


Anagram makes my favorite balloons, by far. They’re giant Disney balloons, and they have weighted feet so they literally glide around the room. They’re bigger than my toddler, they last f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and my kids gets weeks of fun out of them.  Plus, they make a great statement at a party!

Mickey in the picture above is 52 inches tall.  Elsa is 57 inches tall. The Storm Trooper is 70 inches tall! That’s almost six feet tall, folks! I bought this Mickey Air Walker for my daughter’s second birthday, and he was a giant hit.  He was tossed in the air, tackled, and dragged around the house. He withstood it all.  My daughter was actually so surprised at how big he was that it took her a few minutes to get over the shock when she first saw him. I think she actually thought “the real Mickey” was in our house!

They have so many amazing Air Walker characters to choose from. You can pretty much find one to coordinate with any party or theme.  Don’t have a party coming up but just love balloons? That’s ok, too. Buy yourself your fave Disney character, and tote him or her around the house for some instant mood-lifting fun.

Bunches of Balloons

So, you don’t want a six-foot-tall balloon drifting around your home? Maybe you prefer your giant Disney balloons in a bouquet form.  There are some great character balloons coming in around 36” tall.  A little less intense than the four plus feet of helium, but still a huge impact! Mix and match these with some latex balloons, or a variety of Mylar balloons to make giant bouquets for parties.

Cars Bouquet, Pooh & Piglet, Princess Pack, Toy Story Bouquet

Singing Balloons

I’m going to tell you something really cool here. Balloons can sing. Seriously! Anagram makes some great sing-a-tune balloons. These balloons sing “Happy Birthday” in the voice of your favorite character. You just tap (or continuously bop, if you’re three-years-old) the balloon and it will sing its tune. They’re big ball-shaped balloons and so much fun. They stunned all the guests at our last birthday party!

Where to Buy the Disney Balloons

So now you’re psyched about balloons, right? Welcome to the happy, floaty side of things. Now you need to know where you can get your hands on these balloons. You can buy them at party supply stores like Party City. You may even be able to get a few at shopDisney.com or the Disney Store, depending on availability.  But I’ve had the greatest luck finding these on Amazon. Their prices are super reasonable for being a giant Disney balloon, and they have a great return policy if you get it and it doesn’t look like you’ll love it (prior to inflating). They also have the largest variety that I’ve seen anywhere.

So go get your balloons, get to your nearest helium tank, and starting singing a happy tune. Its no longer just keep swimming. In my house it’s just keep floating, just keep floating…


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