It’s summertime and the temps are rising. That means there’s no better way to spend the day than at the pool. Why not add a little Disney to your basic summer pool party and amp up the fun? I’ve gathered up all the decorations you need for a Moana pool party for kids. It turns out, Moana pool parties also work for the fun-loving adults as well!

The Sea… It Calls Me

It may not be the sea, but you need a pool to host a pool party. Do you have a pool that all the kids (and adults) can cannonball into? If not, how about some kiddie pools or sprinklers to let the little ones splash around? Or a great big inflatable pool without the commitment of maintenance year-round.

Swim or Float

Do the kids want to float around in the water? How about lounge on a hammock? I’ve got you covered Moana-style no matter the state of vegging out.

Is the Moana pool party for kids and little more energetic and full of rambunctious little ones? If so, how about some life jackets and pool toys? This coconut beach ball is so fun! For the littlest party-goers who can’t yet swim, set up some yard games. You could even host a Moana-themed karaoke contest by the pool and let the kids sing their favorite songs from the movie.

Polynesian Style

When I think of a Polynesian themed party, I think of palm trees, flower leis, grass skrits, and tiki torches. When your guests arrive, “lei” one of these around their necks.

Set up your pool party decorations and deck the yard out in Polynesian flair.  Pass out grass skirts to the guests who want to dance and have some serious summer fun.

You can even turn your suburban backyard into a tropical escape with some palm trees, floral garlands, and fun food and beverage stations. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take hours on end to fly to the Polynesian islands. Bring the island vibe right to your back yard.

More Moana

Now that you’ve got the basics of a Moana pool party covered, we need more Moana. I’m pretty sure the words “More Moana” are used in my house weekly. And hey, so what if it’s always Mom saying it? Make a statement with this huge backdrop featuring Moana and Maui!

Moana Pool Style

You’ve got the pool, you’ve got the decorations, and you’re ready for a pool party. Now what are you going to wear? Get the kids into party mode by sporting one of these Moana-themed suits, or my favorite Moana sandals.

Now go throw on your Moana swimsuit, or one of your other favorites (find some favorites here), get your sunscreen on, and get partying! You’re all set for a super-fun Moana pool party for kids. What can I say except you’re welcome…

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