When it comes to character dining experiences in Disney World, there are many options. This post will focus on the best character breakfast in Disney World, in my opinion.

The characters you want to see, the meal you want to eat, and the type of interaction you’d like, will all determine which restaurant you select.  Some restaurants only offer characters for one meal a day, while others have characters at all three meals each day. And while all restaurants strive to provide food that all guests will enjoy, some deliver better than others.

That’s why I believe the best character breakfast in Disney World is at the Garden Grill in Epcot. Here’s why…

1. The Environment

Outdoor sign of "the land" in Epcot
Entrance to The Land Pavilion at Epcot

Garden Grill is located in The Land pavilion in Future World at Epcot. It’s a circular restaurant that overlooks the Living with the Land ride on one side, and the entrance to the Land pavilion on the other. The entire restaurant rotates while you dine. You won’t feel it, but suddenly you’ll look up and realize you now have a different view. Wait, how’d that happen?!

Because of the rotations, there isn’t a bad seat in the house, so no worries about where you get seated. Everyone gets the same views throughout the course of a meal.

2. The Food

Character dining experiences are great because you can meet your favorite Disney pals without having to stand in line or use a FastPass+ to avoid the wait. Although all have great characters, some restaurants really lack in the food arena.

At Garden Grill, the food is good. It’s served family-style, which means they deliver platters of food to your table for everyone to share. And don’t worry about small portions. They’ll keep the food coming as long as you’re still hungry!

For breakfast, you start with Chip’s Sticky Bun Bake, which is pretty much a warm, gooey, cinnamon roll dripping with icing. It’s served in a skillet and every single bite of it is warm, ooey-gooey, and full of the cinnamon filling that you normally only find deep in the center of any other cinnamon roll.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’re then served fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, potato barrels (tater tots), and Mickey waffles. You can decide if you want to drown your waffles in syrup or the warm chocolate-hazlenut sauce. I highly recommend taking a dive into the chocolate-hazlenut sauce.

I love that this place is family-style. Trying to navigate myself and two toddlers through a crowded restaurant, then balance three plates of food while asking each of them which items they’d like from the buffet, is not my ideal situation. Having someone bring platters to my table, with food options that everyone enjoys? Now that’s more my speed.

3. Character Interaction

Mickey at Garden Grill
There’s my pal, Mickey

The character interaction at Garden Grill is phenomenal.  You get to meet Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. And because Garden Grill is a small restaurant, you really get to interact with the characters.

At many of the larger restaurants you’ll see each character once per meal. At Garden Grill, you will see Mickey and his pals many times, as they continually circulate through the restaurant!

This is a huge win for me, because my kids always take a while to warm up to the characters. If we only had one shot at meeting Mickey, they’d be too shy on the first go-round, and we’d miss our experience. But because they can take their time to warm up, by the time we’re done with our meal they’re running up to the characters for big hugs!

I’m sold by the family-style option that allows us to continually interact with the characters. The food is great, and I always enjoy my time at this restaurant.

What’s your favorite character meal at Disney World? Share your stories here so I can make sure to try out the favorites!

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