We all know the essential clothing items to pack when going on vacation. Shorts, t-shirts, underwear, right? I’ve got a list of clothing you may not think to pack for your kids, but definitely should. Here are five clothing items you must pack for Disney World for your kids.

1. Bathing Suits with Sleeves

Sunburn in Disney World is no fun. Sunburn on a child is even worse. Bathing suits with sleeves are a great option. They tend to have higher backs and necks, and they protect little shoulders from direct sunlight. Many of them even have UPF ratings.

You don’t have to forgo cute style to protect their sensitive skin. There are some stylish options for both boys and girls alike. This Minnie Mouse two piece is adorable (we own this one in TheDisBlog family). And who doesn’t love the Fab Four Disney boys? I love this two piece swim set!

2. Bike Shorts

This one is for the little Disney fans wearing dresses. Dresses are a fantastic way to beat the heat.

In TheDisBlog’s family, bike shorts are a must under dresses in Disney World. I don’t know about you, but my little Disney princesses love to run, jump, and twirl their way through the park. They also tend to sit on our laps on the busses or monorails. Bike shorts keep them covered no matter what they’re doing.

My favorite brands are light and thin, so it doesn’t feel like an added layer on the kiddos.

3. Crocs

Before I had children I never gave Crocs a thought. They weren’t quite my style, so I just passed them by. Once I had kids, everything changed. Crocs are the most functional shoe for a child in the summer. They can put them on and take them off unassisted. They’re waterproof and washable. They’re bright and colorful. Kids can run, jump, and play without stubbing a toe.

A bunch of crocs spread out on the floor
So many crocs, now where did all our jibbbitz go?

In Disney, all of those are major pros in my book. Disney World can be rainy or wet. The rain can come out of nowhere. There are also splash pads in the parks that little ones can’t resist. With Crocs there’s no slipping or sliding. No walking in squishy shoes. No wet socks. And no dry time. You don’t have to stuff them with paper towels in the hotel room and hope they dry out in time for your next day in the parks.

Crocs come in a variety of colors and there’s an extensive range of Disney styles as well. There are a ton of jibbitz (the things you stick into the holes of the Crocs, yes I now know the actual term) so they can essentially change out their shoe style with only one pair of shoes. Although, clearly you can see they still want many!

4. Hats

Just like I mentioned with the swimsuits, the sun in Orlando is hot. I always bring a baseball-type hat for my kids to the park. I shove them into our day bag and pull them out when they want them. They prevent the tops of their heads from burning (have you ever had a burn in the part of your hair?) and give a little shade to their noses and cheeks.

Little girl's vampirina baseball cap
Vamparina… just me being me

I buy mine ahead of time and bring them with me so we’re not stuck buying something expensive in the park. We got so many great comments and compliments when my little one wore this Vampirina hat in the park. Bystanders couldn’t help but giggle when they noticed her bat wings flopping around as she walked.

5. Rain Ponchos

This one isn’t exactly a piece of clothing, but it’s important. While Disney does sell ponchos, they’re thin, the hoods don’t stay up very well, and they’re pretty darn pricey (around $10 for one).

Amazon picture of 5 ponchos
Rain ponchos that don’t rip or fall off!

These are my absolute favorite ponchos. Can you have a favorite rain poncho? Although they may not have a cute Mickey on the back of them, they’re the best poncho I’ve ever used for my kids (and myself). When my kids were toddlers, we just trimmed the bottoms a bit so they didn’t drag on the ground.

They’re colorful, so you won’t lose your child in a sea of white ponchos. And the BEST feature – they have a tie for the hood. I know that may not seem like a big deal for many. But with my kids, it’s best to have it tied under their chin than to have it constantly slipping off and always needing to stop to get it situated on them again.

Even better, they’re so inexpensive. I can get a pack for my whole family for the price of one poncho purchased in the park. So don’t be afraid to stand out in a sea of white ponchos. Get the fun ones that stay put!

What are must-bring items for kids that may not be on everyone’s list? Share your ideas so we can all be prepared for our next trip!


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