The official release date of Toy Story 4 is just around the corner. We’ve been dreaming about it for years (well, at least since it was announced it was coming) and now it’s time to get to the theater! You’ve got your tickets, you know what snacks you’re going to buy, and now it’s time to decide on cute clothes to wear. I’ve got four outfits for the family to wear to see Toy Story 4.

Of course you want to dress the part, right? Maybe you don’t want to go all Harry Potter and don a cape and a wand out in public (we save ours for running around the house). But we do want to show our love for the little piece of plastic trash that became a favorite toy, right? So how do we do that?

What to Wear

I have four outfits for the family to wear to see Toy Story 4. These ideas will get your gears turning on other creative options. Since we at TheDisBlog family like to be comfy while we sit in the theater inhaling popcorn smothered in fake butter, these options include t-shirts, shorts, and comfy shoes (okay, and two dresses).

Mom’s Outfit

Forky t shirt and red converse sneakers
A Forky tee and some red Converse

First up – Mom. Of course Mom wants to get in on the fun. She’s the one toting the littles to the movies. She’s also secretly just as excited as the kiddos to see the movie. Maybe more.

A comfy tee and my all-time favorite kicks are the basics for my TS4 outfit. Throw on some jeans or leggings (more room for movie snacks) and you’re good to go.

Options for the Little Girls

Girl wearing Toy Story shirt, Forky Sneakers, Denim shorts
Step Aside Boys, Denim Shorts, Adorable Forky sneakers
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Do you know what to wear to see Toy Story 4? I’ve got some ideas for fun outfits for mom and the kids, including some adorable sneakers and dresses!

I love this “Step Aside Boys” shirt, and wish it came in adult sizes. The denim shorts are basic, but have just enough fun embellishments that the little one will love it. If these Forky sneaks came in adult sizes, they’d already be on my feet. Disney, please make these in my size!

For the Little Dude

Boys Toy Story shirt, casual shorts, Buzz Lightyear sandals
Toy Story 4 Cast t-shirt, Comfy shorts, Buzz Lightyear sandals

Little boys want to be comfy, right? They like to wiggle their toes and have room in their clothes. I’d pair the shirt with the star shorts. I think they’re a fun print that can still be worn as a basic. Wear them with the bright Buzz Lightyear sandals and he’s good to run out the door and hop in the car!

Dresses, Oh My!

I’m breaking my rule here on comfy movie clothes and I’m going to show you the cutest dresses that you should immediately buy if you have girls in your family. Or friends of your family. Or neighbors. You get my point. These are already hanging in TheDisBlog’s house. Go buy them!

Now that you know what you’re going to wear, grab your tissues and start your countdown to June 21st. If it’s anything like Toy Story 3, I’ll be bawling my eyes out in a mere three days. Join me, won’t you?

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