When your little one asks for a Minnie Mouse birthday party, it usually involves lots of polka dots, bows… and pink! And if they want cupcakes to match the theme, you don’t have to be a professional to make them happy. I’m going to show you three easy ways to decorate cupcakes for your Minnie mouse party, and none of them involve making ears and bows.

Three pink cupcakes on a stand
Which would Minnie choose?

Minnie Mouse basics include pink, hearts, and lots of white dots. The cupcakes in this post will enhance the party by matching the color scheme, and when combined with the decorations, they look like they were meant to be Minnie Mouse. They’re also versatile enough that you could use them for other occasions (I’m looking at you, Valentine’s Day).

Store Bought vs. Homemade

First things first, I’m no professional. I enjoy baking, and decorating cakes and cupcakes, but I’m just a busy mom who wants to try to give my kids something special and fun when it comes to their birthdays. If boxed cake mix and canned frosting are your thing, more power to you. Who hasn’t been known to eat fudgy chocolate icing straight out of a can? Oh, just me?

But if whipping up some homemade buttercream frosting sounds more your style, check out my easy recipe here.

Let’s Decorate

Cupcakes in colorful wrappers on a cooling rack
Pretty chocolate cupcakes

Once you bake your cupcakes (homemade, box mix, or straight from the store), let them cool completely before you start frosting. Putting buttercream on warm cupcakes makes a messy (not-so-pretty) cupcake. I tell you this from experience.

While they cool, get your supplies ready. You’ll need piping bags (like these), a few decorating tips (I have these, but here’s a good starter set), and a variety of sprinkles, gel food coloring (gel is a must so you don’t thin out your frosting), and any other extras you want to add on.

I went with two different colors of frosting. I left half of it white so I could decorate with pink sprinkles. The other half I dyed pink, using one drop of red gel color. This was so I could use the white sugar pearls. Just be sure to use different spoons so you don’t accidentally color the white frosting.

Once you cut the corner off your piping bag and insert the tip you want, just use a spoon or spatula to fill your bag about halfway with the buttercream. Don’t worry about being neat or pretty here, just stuff it in there. Then try to get the air out, twist the bag closed, and you’re good to go.

piping ball full of buttercream frosting
Buttercream is ready to go

Hold the piping bag with the tip close to the top of the cupcake, but not touching it. Squeeze the bag as you start swirling around the top of the cupcake. You can start at the inside and work your way out, or in reverse. You can pile it high, or leave it with minimal frosting. Do whatever you want to get the cake to frosting ratio you like best. Feel free to layer it on!

Cupcakes with pink heart sprinkles on a white dish
Pretty pink hearts for Minnie Mouse

If you used pink frosting, sprinkle on some white. If you used white frosting, sprinkle on some pink. Want both? Go for it!

Since I think of glitter, hearts and dots when I think of Minnie, I made three different decorated cupcakes here.  I got my heart sprinkles and the pink crushed sugar at a local grocery store, and the white sugar pearls at Amazon. All of these are great options, because the addition of the sprinkles is not only pretty, but it can hide lots of imperfections. Again, trust me from experience.

Minnie sitting next to three  pink cupcakes
I think she wants a taste!

That’s it! Cupcakes that look like they belong in a Minnie Mouse party, but took very little effort, and almost no skill as a professional cake decorator required!.

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